Eargasm Earplugs

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Will Eargasm Earplugs fit my ear? What size would it be a good idea for me to get? 

A: Here at Eargasm Earplugs, we comprehend that other than having an excellent earplug, an extraordinary fit is basic to the client's experience. One size doesn't fit all with regards to earplugs! In view of this, we have endeavored to give many estimating alternatives to our clients. 


Shockingly, there isn't actually a uniform estimating framework for ear channel sizes like for garments, yet in the event that you recollect your encounters with ear items (think in-ear earphones etc...) did you get a solid match? Maybe they felt too huge (which implies you most likely have ear channels on the more modest side). Or on the other hand maybe they felt excessively little (which implies you presumably have ear waterways on the bigger side). 

Q: I as of late got my Eargasm Earplugs and don't know how to utilize them! 

Have no dread! Allude to the directions included with your bundle, or additionally don't hesitate to look at our video instructional guide by clicking here. 

Q: What is the contrast between the High Fidelity Earplugs and Smaller Ears Earplugs? 

If it's not too much trouble, audit the outline and video beneath clarifying the contrasts between our two smash hit items. They are comparative in certain regards however the Smaller Ears Earplugs are explicitly intended for Smaller Ears. Earplug shells and channels for each model are not quite the same as each other and are not tradable so kindly spot close consideration when buying embellishments! 

Q: What is the Noise Reduction Rating of Eargasm Earplugs? 

A: This will rely upon the model you buy. If it's not too much trouble, audit the item pages for our models to discover the NRR. On our High Fidelity Earplugs (our most famous model that most clients buy), the Noise Reduction Rating is 16 dB. 

In any case, contingent upon the recurrence of the sound and if the earplug is appropriately embedded in the ear, clients can diminish clamor by up to 21 decibels. A mark uncovering the NRR is needed under government law to be put on all earplugs available to be purchased in the US, so you will see one conspicuously positioned on our bundling. Nonetheless, we feel the NRR endlessly belittles the genuine viability of our earplugs. 

Q: I need earplugs for _______, are Eargasm Earplugs appropriate for me? 

A: Whether you're at a show, a performer performing with your band, riding your bike, or on a plane Eargasm Earplugs assists you with cranking the volume down whenever you need it. On the off chance that you couldn't as of now tell, our earplugs have a wide scope of employments! Don't hesitate to try our earplugs out and on the off chance that they sometimes fall short for your requirements return them under our multi day bother free merchandise exchange. If it's not too much trouble, visit our merchandise exchange page for subtleties! 

Q: What is the contrast between Eargasm Earplugs and customary froth ones? 

A: The thing that matters is in the nature of the sound that goes through the earplug. Froth earplugs mute and misshape clamor while eargasm earplugs keep up the full range of sound for the client. The upsides of this distinction are perpetual! Concert attendees and artists can securely tune in to boisterous music with clearness. Motorcyclists can decrease wind commotion, yet at the same time have the option to hear their environmental factors. Assembly line laborers can eliminate sharp commotions in their workplace, while as yet having the option to speak with colleagues. 

Q: Where do Eargasm Earplugs boat to and what amount of time will it require for them to show up? 

A: All shipments are prepared from Los Angeles, California. We transport inside the US for nothing for orders more than $65 and more than 50 different nations for one low level rate! Orders are handled inside 2 business days and are sent through USPS first Class Mail or USPS first Class International Mail. When your request is sent you will get an email with following data. 

Q: Do you acknowledge returns regardless of whether my earplugs are utilized? 

A: Yes we do! You will be charged an unassuming restocking expense, however not at all like other earplug sellers, we can acknowledge returns on any of our earplugs (regardless of whether they're utilized!) inside 30 days of accepting your request. Look at our merchandise exchange page for more information. 

Q: Why am I being charged a restocking expense? 

Eargasm Earplugs are in-ear gadgets and subsequently are close to home in nature. Even after one use, earwax and other flotsam and jetsam start to gather on the earplug, delivering it unfit to be exchanged as new. Most organizations would level out decline to acknowledge returns for such close to home things. For instance, when was the last time you had the option to return dirtied clothing or a pre-owned toothbrush?! 

Be that as it may, at Eargasm Earplugs, we see things contrastingly and need to offer every one of our clients the chance to encounter our items . Consequently, we are glad to handle a discount for any pre-owned earplugs got back to us with an unassuming 20% restocking expense. 

Q: Can I roll out any improvements to my request whenever it is put (applying promotion codes, evolving names, addresses, things requested and so on)? 

A: We make an honest effort to measure and satisfy orders ASAP which keeps us from making changes to your request after it is put. In this manner, all request subtleties are last once the request put. We ask you kindly twofold check all names, addresses, promotion codes, things requested, and different subtleties at checkout prior to buying to affirm they are right. 

On the off chance that there are any mistakes in your delivery address, if it's not too much trouble, get in touch with us ASAP and we will make an honest effort to transform it prior to transportation. On the off chance that any request is gotten back to our office because of an invalid location, a $5-$20 reship charge will apply to adjust the location and reship it out to the right location.

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